Egoism and Irresponsibility

Abby was satisfied with Kristen’s reaction.Kristen looked surprised and started praising how good she looked in thesweater. “Love you,” she flew into Kristen’s arms and kissed on her rosy cheek.Actually, the sweater she wore belonged to Kristen. She needed it because shedidn’t have a white sweater for the chorus.

Kristen was her BFF (best friend forever),her soulmate, and her everything. Abby never thought it was inappropriate touse such sweet and romantic words to describe Kristen. She had so many friends,but Kristen was different.

Kristen was charming. She had an hourglassbody type with adorable wavy hair and the leadership ability that made hershiny in the chaos. There were some boys chasing Kristen, and they asked Abbyfor help. Abby gave them such suggestions as what was Kristen’s favorite restaurant,what did Kristen actually thought when she frowned, and how to console Kristenwhen she failed in different situations and pretended to mention their namesunintentionally in the conversation with Kristen. However, sometimes Abby feltawful when she thought one day Kristen would fall in love with one of thoseguys, silly, stubborn, selfish, hard, and inconsiderate. Kristen deserved someonebetter.

Kristen promised her to come to theauditorium afterschool, although no one expect for members of chorus could staythere when the rehearsal began. As Abby got on the stage from the backstage,she was delighted to find Kristen sitting under the stage and staring at her.She made a gesture of heart and started making a bigger one with her arms whenKristen gave a smile in return. Kristen left several minutes after and shepromised Abby she would wait outside at the school gate when rehearsal wasfinished.

During the break, Abby usually didn’t feeltired. Especially today, she felt super excited for no reason.

“OMG, I am addicted with Kristen’s smell onher sweater, and I am so excited about the field trip, Kristen and I plan toput our beds together and watch horror movie for all night. Do you notice herdress just now? She looks gorgeous in that, and that is me who help her pickthe dress. I need to ask the name of her perfume. It just smells so good. ”

“Yeah, it’s good, but don’t you think it’sa little bit strange?” Someone stood beside Abby asked her, “Sorry, I mean, Ishould not say that.”

Abby realized what she meant immediately.She kept silent for the rest of the rehearsal, on her way home, and even whenher mother tried to draw her attention during the dinner. She felt herselfacted weirdly these days. She felt anxious when Kristen didn’t reply hermessage, felt angry when Kristen had lunch with one of her wooers, and evenfelt betrayed when Kristen chatted with others happily.

There must be something wrong.

Abby decided to keep away from Kristen,because she knew she cannot stop kissing, hugging, or doing any weird, maybedisgusting close things when she stayed with her. It would be a torture for herto reject Kristen’s invites for lunch. But it was okay, she thought, everythingchanged with the time passed by.

Abby put that sweater into one of herfavorite paper bag and gave it back to Kristen the next day.


Kristen was not in a good mood recentlybecause she seemed to lose Abby, one of her best friend. She tried to persuadeherself it was normal and common to lose some friends in life, but when she sawAbby chatting with others she was confused. She did not think she did anythingwrong or argued with Abby. It was just one day she realized that maybe theywere not BFF anymore. She had to confess that she felt jealous when she sawAbby sitting in the middle of crowds and sharing the funny things when she hangout with some guys on the weekend. I supposed to be the one, she thought. Yetshe never considered talking to Abby, it was not her style. 

They still talked to each other, but not asclose as before. They smiled and waved to each other at the graduationceremony, without a hug or a kiss. That night, Kristen had a date with a guywho had chased her for three years rather than went to the graduation party.She never met Abby afterwards.


Kristen brought nearly all of the clotheswith her to university, except for the white sweater. Even her mother advisedher to buy something new in the new school, she insisted and claimed that itwas a kind of unforgettable memory.

“Dear, do you still need this sweater?Maybe we can sell it or give it to your younger sister. She always asks you toborrow it, you know,” her mother asked her.

“Sorry mom, can I just keep it in my closet?”